Ways To Improve Tennis Skills

Experienced tennis players make the movements required to play the game look easy and effortless. To master such movements, there is a need to develop essential tennis skills. Between the necessary footwork, endurance, cardio, strength, tennis knowledge, and racket handling, it is an overwhelming task to learn and improve all the skills needed to be a good tennis player.

Ways that can help tennis players in acquiring different tennis skills are:

  • Improve Flexibility: Although strength and endurance are qualities that every tennis player should have, flexibility should not be underestimated. A large range of movements is required while playing tennis such as consistently swinging arms and shoulders while also running laterally, stopping short, and jumping. Poor flexibility makes these movements harder and can impact the overall game. Improving flexibility with both static and dynamic stretches will help in increasing the range of movement. Stretching and improving flexibility can also decrease muscle soreness and the chance of injury.
  • Footwork Drills: Focusing on footwork and improving agility is crucial for tennis players. They should have fast feet and be able to move where they want as fast as possible. Players should try using a jump rope to increase the agility and foot speed. They can also do the classic agility ladder drills forward, backward, and laterally.
  • Diet Plan: Nutrition and hydration greatly impact athletic performance. Players should eliminate fatty, greasy, and processed foods that can make them feel sluggish and bloated during a game. The focus should be on eating lean meats, vegetables, fruit, and other natural foods. Tennis players should ensure to sip water or a sports drink during a match, and try to snack on an energy bar or fruits as well. This will keep their energy up and their body ready for a long, grueling match.
  • Strength Training: Building strength will definitely help to improve tennis skills. Most of the strength that tennis players need comes from the shoulders, arms, and legs. Improving shoulder strength will reduce the risk of injuries and make the shots more powerful. Players should train themselves to activate shoulder muscles while also engaging muscles in back, arms, and legs.
  • Improve Core Strength: Core strength is essential for all kinds of sports. It helps to maintain balance and channels the power into the shots while playing. The most effective core exercises are planks, side planks, leg lifts, etc.

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