Various Advantages Of Personal Yoga Trainers

In order to achieve specific fitness goals with yoga, it is important to practice a routine. The yoga routine should be effectively designed as per the body type and desired goals. This gives rise to the need for working with personal yoga trainers. A personal yoga trainer specializes in providing individualized services to clients to help them achieve specific goals in terms of physical/mental concerns by modifying yoga poses and breathing techniques accordingly.

Here is a list of the benefits of availing the services of a personal yoga instructor:

  • Caters To Special Needs/Personal Goals: Personal yoga trainers are the best option for people with specific needs and health issues like obesity, depression, diabetes, joint pain, severe back pain, etc. Your instructor will help you achieve your goals at a faster rate. It is also a great option for those with mobility issues, injuries or erratic work schedules.
  • Expert Guidance: A personal yoga instructor will regularly conduct your fitness evaluation to assess the progress and offer expert guidance, where needed. He may recommend a special diet, lifestyle changes and a host of other unique and innovative practices to improve your overall well-being.
  • Accountability: A personal yoga trainer makes sure to hold you accountable for being regular. This keeps you motivated, thus prompting you to do your part to the best of your ability and achieve the goals set out for you.
  • Flexibility: With a personal yoga instructor, it is easier to schedule a yoga session around your daily routine. You can fix an appointment with your yoga instructor based on the timings that suit you and there is always room for flexibility in case of changes in your schedule.
  • Support: While practicing yoga with a personal trainer, you can be sure of getting maximum support and motivation through each session. Your trainer works around your stress levels, diseases and physical limitations to provide you with optimal results. Yoga instructors also offer guidance regarding correct form and pose modifications to avoid injuries.
  • Calming And Meditative: For some people, doing yoga with a personal instructor is calming and less stressful/competitive. There is no pressure to keep up with others in a group which facilitates a much calmer and less distracting experience.

Central Texas Athletic Club offers personal yoga training to its members. Personal yoga training allows members to perform yoga in an effective manner that suits their fitness goals. For more details on various advantages of personal yoga trainers, visit 701 Sun Meadows Drive, Harker Heights, TX – 76548, or call at (254) 698 – 2542.

Effects Of Personal Training On Physical Activity

Personal training provides an efficient way of maintaining physical fitness. It has benefitting effects on multiple aspects of fitness. The personal trainers make it a point to work on overall physical wellbeing that includes both mental as well as physical health.

Following are some common effects of personal training on physical activity:


Health is the foremost goal from a personal trainer’s perspective.

  • Personal training can help to plan for a healthy combination of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal exercises. The trainer provides guidelines for physical activity. They ensure to maximize the health benefits by creating specific routines to achieve individual goals, all while making it easy to follow.
  • A continuous personal training program can help to keep an individual accountable and on track. A good trainer can help to stay focused on the goal and enable a person to achieve what he is aiming for.
  • Personal trainers make it a point to formulate specific routines to help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, etc., along with stabilizing, improving, or eliminating hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and age related degeneration.
  • Ultimately, personal training from a professional will help in making better nutritional choices. Apart from suggesting healthy nutritional choices, personal trainers also help to combat the urge of making poor nutritional choices.


Wellness contributes to the overall happiness of the mind, body, and spirit. Fitness is a big contributor to this overall happiness, but there are also other ways in which personal training can impact wellness.

  • Personal trainers support an individual in fighting against any struggles that are preventing them from achieving the goals. Personal training will help to escape the mental barriers leading to the experience of overall wellness. It will help to move past any fears, thoughts, frustrations, or difficulties with exercise or life.
  • Personal training will help to achieve a sense of accomplishment. It will help to feel good post a physical activity and allow achieving overall happiness and a sense of accomplishment (and not a feeling of dissatisfaction).
  • Experienced personal trainers help in attaining wellness goals that are specific to current position of a person in life. For example, a personal trainer working with an older client tends to focus more on incorporating balancing exercises or encouraging cognitive thinking to improve the mental health.

Central Texas Athletic Club offers personal training to its members. Members can choose personal training sessions for Yoga, Spin/Cycle, Pilates, HIIT, Core Cardio, Zumba, Tabata, etc. For more details on the effects of personal training and to know schedule for various fitness programs at Central Texas Athletic Club visit 701 Sun Meadows Drive, Harker Heights, TX – 76548, or call at (254) 698-2542.

Advantages Of Personal Training

Regular exercise is of the utmost importance for maintaining fitness. Hiring a personal trainer can enhance the experience for a novice as well as a regular gym enthusiast. Physical trainers help in improving the efficiency of daily workout resulting in effective achievement of fitness goals at a faster pace.

Here are some major advantages of hiring a personal trainer:

  • Expert Advice: A personal trainer has immense experience in the field of fitness. He offers expert advice that is personalized as per an individual’s fitness goals. Individual fitness goals can be as diverse as running the first marathon, improving fitness for a sport, reducing weight, gaining muscles, or improving flexibility. A personal trainer provides individualized advice to maximize results. The need for hiring a personal trainer is important for people recovering from an injury, pregnancy workout, post-natal weight loss, and people with any physical restrictions.
  • Suitable Workout Plan: Every fitness goal needs a different set of exercises. Further, every individual’s personal factors such as body type, muscle strength, stamina, previous injuries, etc. govern the choice of exercise routine suitable for the individual. A personal trainer considers all these factors to analyze the current fitness level and formulates a workout plan suitable for achieving desired goals. Furthermore, a personal trainer educates individuals on the right way of doing exercise while maintaining the correct posture to avoid any negative effects or injuries.
  • Regular Monitoring: A personal trainer makes sure to monitor the progress made by an individual at regular intervals. This helps in monitoring improvement in fitness levels and making optimal modifications to the workout routine.
  • Motivation: It is common for people to skip a day or cheat a set of exercises. Personal trainers hold an individual accountable for being regular and keep him motivated throughout each session and overall program.
  • Fresh Ideas: Human mind can easily fall into the habit of a daily routine and eventually get bored with it. Same is the case with the daily exercise routine. Individuals can be easily bored with an exercise routine and lose interest. This can result in a lack of motivation which leads to training plateau. A personal trainer can infuse fresh ideas and offer a variety of workouts to keep an individual motivated and facilitating regular progress towards achieving fitness goals.
  • Additional Support: A personal trainer offers additional support by providing suggestions related to dietary habits and lifestyle changes. He also provides emotional support to keep an individual in a positive spirit.

Central Texas Athletic Club offers personal training to its members in Harker Heights, TX. Our trainers hold years of experience and assist the members in achieving their fitness goals. The trainers offer customized plans to suit individual goals. Our members can also enjoy the outdoor workout area, fitness classes, weights and cardio training, and yoga classes. To know more about personal training in Harker Heights, visit 701 Sun Meadows Dr., Harker Heights, TX – 76548. You can also call at (254) 698 – 2542.

Responsibilities Of A Personal Fitness Trainer

A personal trainer is your guide that facilitates the path leading to your fitness goals. He holds expertise and knowledge that is necessary to achieve overall fitness. A personal fitness trainer is more than an exercise coach. In fact he holds numerous responsibilities that are directed at your overall fitness experience.

Following are some of the responsibilities of a personal fitness trainer:

  • Gathering Information: The first and foremost responsibility of a personal fitness trainer is to gather extensive information about the client. Trainers collect general and specific information about a potential client. The general information includes age, gender, height, and weight of the client. Specific information includes occupation, sleeping pattern, dietary habits, exercising experience, medical conditions, chronic diseases, biomechanical problems, and current medications.
  • Fitness Assessment: After gathering client’s information, the next responsibility of a personal fitness trainer is to perform a fitness assessment of the client. The goal of this assessment is to identify fat to muscle ratio, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio-respiratory ability, flexibility and posture problems. The assessment throws light on the strengths and weaknesses of the client. It gives the trainer and client a reference point to measure the progress after the training. Also, this assessment helps the trainer in assisting the client in setting up realistic goals based on the current fitness level.
  • Customized Fitness Programs: The personal trainer utilizes the client information and assessment results to formulate a customized fitness program for the client. The program is designed to help the client in progressing towards the direction of his fitness goals. The program defines the right set of exercises for the client. The trainers also demonstrate the appropriate technique to perform the exercises to avoid any injury.
  • Providing Motivation: The personal fitness trainers hold the responsibility of keeping the client motivated and engaged in the fitness program. They also let the client bear the accountability for missed workout sessions, poor eating and lifestyle habits that hamper the fitness progress.
  • Dietary Suggestions: The trainers provide general dietary recommendations to the clients. They recommend the foods that provide nutrition and help the clients in keeping a check on the caloric intake.

Central Texas Athletic Club offers the option to hire personal fitness trainers to its members in Harker Heights, TX. The fitness trainers at the club are experienced and committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. They ensure to provide quality services. To know more about personal fitness trainer in Harker Heights, visit 701 Sun Meadows Dr., Harker Heights, TX – 76548. You can also call at (254) 698 – 2542.

The Importance Of Having a Personal Trainer

Working out regularly is important to stay fit and maintain good overall health. However, it is common to set fitness goals and be unsure of how to achieve them. Also, following a haphazard approach to achieve your fitness goals will yield poor results. It may also cause harm to your body. This is where the role of a personal trainer comes into play. At Central Texas Athletic Club, Harker Heights, we offer personal training to our members.

A personal trainer can guide you to ensure that you achieve your fitness goals. Following are some reasons why you should have a personal trainer:

Be Informed: Before starting your work out, it is imperative to be educated about the exercise routine that will suit you. For example, if your goal is to build core strength, but you spend your time on cardio exercises entirely, then it is unlikely for you to achieve your goal. Also, personal trainers educate you on the correct way to do any exercise. This helps in reducing the risk of injury and enhancing the effectiveness of the workout session.

Help With Your Unique Requirements: Every individual is different when it comes to exercise. People have different abilities, strength and stamina levels. Some people may have an old injury that calls for extra care while choosing the right exercise. A personal trainer will help in designing a customized workout routine that matches your body type, fitness level, preferences, and target.

Help In Setting Realistic Goals: When we plan to work out, it is common to get carried away and set very high goals such as building defined abs, weight loss, etc. and try to achieve them in a short period. These goals are certainly achievable, but they require a step-wise process, dedication and time. A personal trainer helps in analyzing your current fitness level and setting small realistic goals that would lead the path towards your final goal.

Motivation: Ditching your workout session due to lack of time or motivation is something we are all guilty of. However, you are more likely to go to the gym if you have an appointment with a personal trainer. Also, the personal trainer keeps you motivated by helping you achieve noticeable results in a set timeframe.

Nutrition: Another reason why it is important to have a personal trainer is that he can help you in planning the right diet. Taking a balanced diet is of great importance to maintain the nutrition level and achieve your fitness goals. Thus, you can rely on your personal trainer to instruct you on the correct diet that would suit your fitness goals.

Central Texas Athletic Club offers personal training to its members in Harker Heights, TX. Our trainers are well-versed and hold years of experience to assist you in your road to fitness. The trainers are capable of helping you with customized plans to suit your differential goals. Our members can also enjoy the outdoor workout area, fitness classes, weights and cardio training, and yoga classes. To know more about personal training in Harker Heights, visit 701 Sun Meadows Dr., Harker Heights, TX – 76548. You can also call at (254) 698 – 2542.