Responsibilities Of A Personal Fitness Trainer

A personal trainer is your guide that facilitates the path leading to your fitness goals. He holds expertise and knowledge that is necessary to achieve overall fitness. A personal fitness trainer is more than an exercise coach. In fact he holds numerous responsibilities that are directed at your overall fitness experience.

Following are some of the responsibilities of a personal fitness trainer:

  • Gathering Information: The first and foremost responsibility of a personal fitness trainer is to gather extensive information about the client. Trainers collect general and specific information about a potential client. The general information includes age, gender, height, and weight of the client. Specific information includes occupation, sleeping pattern, dietary habits, exercising experience, medical conditions, chronic diseases, biomechanical problems, and current medications.
  • Fitness Assessment: After gathering client’s information, the next responsibility of a personal fitness trainer is to perform a fitness assessment of the client. The goal of this assessment is to identify fat to muscle ratio, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio-respiratory ability, flexibility and posture problems. The assessment throws light on the strengths and weaknesses of the client. It gives the trainer and client a reference point to measure the progress after the training. Also, this assessment helps the trainer in assisting the client in setting up realistic goals based on the current fitness level.
  • Customized Fitness Programs: The personal trainer utilizes the client information and assessment results to formulate a customized fitness program for the client. The program is designed to help the client in progressing towards the direction of his fitness goals. The program defines the right set of exercises for the client. The trainers also demonstrate the appropriate technique to perform the exercises to avoid any injury.
  • Providing Motivation: The personal fitness trainers hold the responsibility of keeping the client motivated and engaged in the fitness program. They also let the client bear the accountability for missed workout sessions, poor eating and lifestyle habits that hamper the fitness progress.
  • Dietary Suggestions: The trainers provide general dietary recommendations to the clients. They recommend the foods that provide nutrition and help the clients in keeping a check on the caloric intake.

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