TENNIS, SWIM & LUNCH w/ George (10 and Under)

START DATE – JUNE 18, 2018

Mon-Thurs 9:30AM-12:00PM


Please drop your kids no later than 9:25AM as our on-court tennis portion will run from 9:30AM–1030AM.

As soon as we finish with each day’s tennis portion, we will make our way up to the pool. Other than Monday, your kids will swim from 10:30AM-11:30AM (Tuesday-Thursday). On Mondays only, there is no swim as the pool is closed. On these days we will play games either in the field or on one of the athletic fields by the courts.

Around 11:30AM, we will begin getting the kids out of the pool and they will have a very basic lunch either in the Bistro or Poolside.

You MUST pick your kids by 12PM!

Additional Notes on Camp: You MUST pick your kids up by 12PM. If you are late, we will unfortunately have to assess a $15/day charge. Our key instructor MUST move on to his next session and cannot hold up an entire group to wait for late parents. Thankyou for your attention to this particular detail! Also, after each day’s tennis portion is over, you are more than welcome to pick your kids up if necessary.




PRICING PER MONTH (Attend three weeks, get one week FREE!) – $225.00